Roomba Error 26: Cause and Solutions

Is Roomba error 26 standing between you and your clean floors? No need to panic – we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you get your robotic cleaning sidekick back in action.


What Is Roomba Error 26?


Simply put, error 26 signals that your Roomba is grappling with insufficient airflow. Now, the worst case scenario here is that you’ll need to replace the Cleaning Head Module, which means you’ll be without your vacuum until you can get the part. But fortunately, there are a few things you can try first to solve the problem.


How to Fix Roomba Error 26


While we have previously gone over the steps to fix Roomba error 5, 14 and 15, clearing error 26 may require a slightly different approach. So, on your Roomba, try the following steps:


1. Clean or Replace the Bin Filter


The first thing you should try to clear error 26 is cleaning or replacing the bin filter:

  • Press the bin release button on the back of your Roomba (look for a trash bin icon), and remove the bin.
  • Then, using the release button with the same icon, open the bin door to empty its contents.
  • Now, look on the left side of the bin for the filter. Take it out by its sides and discard it.
  • It’s cleaning time! Simply rinse the bin with warm water. Remember, the bin is designed for hand rinsing only – no dishwashers allowed.
  • Ensure the bin is completely dry before reintroducing it to your robot.
  • Place the new filter in the bin, put the bin back in the Roomba, and let it dive back into cleaning duty while you tackle the rest of your to-do list.

2. Reboot the Robot


If you’re still dealing with error 26 after filter maintenance, then a reboot might be in order. For this one, all you’ll need to do is hold down the clean button for roughly twenty seconds. This action should wipe the robot’s memory of the error.


3. Replace the Cleaning Head Module


Now, if error 26 is still popping up after filter care and a system reboot, there may be a deeper issue with the Cleaning Head Module. This critical component plays a pivotal role in your Roomba’s cleaning performance, and a malfunction could be what’s causing the insufficient airflow. So, iff the error persists, replacing the Cleaning Head Module may be necessary.


In the event that you do need a replacement, you can buy a new Cleaning Head Module through the iRobot Store or from an authorized retailer. Better yet, if your Roomba is still within the warranty period, you may want to reach out to iRobot Customer Care to see if they can help you out.


The Bottom Line


In summary, you can usually clear Roomba error 26 by cleaning or replacing the bin filter, performing a system reboot, or, if needed, replacing the Cleaning Head Module. With these steps, your Roomba can resume its cleaning duties, ensuring a seamlessly dust-free environment. Happy cleaning!