WEN 4225 vs 4227

A floor drill press is basically a motorized tool designed as a stationary or bench-top machine for doing some home repairs or carpentry works.

Drill presses are primarily used to drill or enlarge a hole on wood, plastic, or metal in different diameters. WEN 4225 vs 4227 are one of the most well-known standing drill press machines in the market. Now, let’s find out with us which one is the best!

1. WEN 4225 Drill Press Review.

Designed with a 4-inch stroke, WEEN 4225 allows users to drill through materials up to four inches thick like a 4”x4” board easily. This model has a strong 8.6 AMP motor that works best on hard materials such as woods, sturdy plastics, and metals.

In addition, this drill press is convenient to operate as it enables users to adjust their desired speed from 280 to 3300 RPM.

The model has other useful features such as a digital speed readout which allows you to keep track of its speed easily, a built-in light, and a laser precision that can make your work easier and more effective than ever.

What’s more, this drill press is made of a 12-inch cast-iron frame that is strong and heavy enough to get rid of vibrating and accidental moving during operation.

However, due to its construction of cast iron material, this drill press weighs heavily for some people and can take you some effort to move it around.

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  • Drill up to four inches thick
  • Easy to adjust the speed
  • Designed with built-in light and a laser precision
  • Strong and heavy cast iron material


  • Heavy (171 lbs+)
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2. WEN 4227 Drill Press Review.

Now, it’s time to dive into the prominent features of WEN 4227! This powerful model involves a 4-¾-inch long spindle trip and a wide swing (17 inches) that enable users to drill through a 4”x4” board easily and efficiently.

Moreover, WEN 4227 allows users to change the speed anywhere from 180 RPM to 2940 RPM. This model has a remarkable amount of power with efficient 13 AMP and 12 different speed modes for users to adjust.

Besides, the model’s table is very large (14″ x 14″), which helps boost the stroke capacity and supports both household and professional purposes.

This model has a number of other convenient features such as a cast-iron table, work light, accurate laser for basic to professional work.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this machine is its heavyweight and large size. Thus, it is not recommended for smaller workshops and users who need to move their drills often.

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  • A powerful model with 13.0 APM motor
  • ​Best drilling capacity
  • Long spindle travel length


  • Very heavy (200 lbs+)
  • Large and bulky
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>>> Read Customer Reviews: Here


WEN 4225 vs 4227 – Which One’s BEST?

In order to know which machine is the best between WEN 4225 vs 4227, here are the few things you should keep in mind.

Even though the WEN 4225 isn’t as powerful as the 4227 model with its 8.6 APM motor compared to 13.0 APM of its counterpart, the model comes with more convenient features such as a precision laser and digital speed readout.

Also, WEN 4225 allows users to adjust the speed mode with different variables, whereas WEN 4227 has limited 12-speed adjustments in the range of 180 to 2,940 RPM.

Turning to WEN 4227, it obviously has a stronger 13.0 AMP motor that makes the model more suitable for heavy-duty drilling on a variety of materials such as metal or hardwood.

Also, the model comprises a larger swing (17 inches) and longer spindle travel length (4-¾ inches) than WEN 4225 which can support you with the most precise and accurate cuts.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, a floor drill press is such a useful and necessary machine for home repairs or carpentry works. We hope that you can choose the best machine between WEN 4225 vs 4227 after reading our article.

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