10 Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades ( Review 2020 )

Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades

Blades are the key to the performance of a circular saw. Click here to know the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades on the market. Skip, and you will regret it.

What’s more important to a circular saw than its blade?

The right blades allow the saw to cut as quickly and effectively as possible. However, it takes time and effort to find out the best products.

We compiled this list of best 7 1/4 circular saw blades to save you some hassles.

Let’s get started!

1. Freud D0740A Diablo Finishing Saw Blade.

Topping our list today is a model from Freud – a leading manufacturer in the industry.

This unit boasts an ultra-thin laser cut kerf, which allows clean and razor-sharp cuts in your woodworking projects. Coupled with a strong micrograin titanium carbide, the blades guarantee years of service.

No worries about having to change the saw blade frequently now.

Freud D0740A Diablo 7-1/4...
3,025 Reviews
Freud D0740A Diablo 7-1/4...
  • Product Type:Saw Blade
  • Item Package Weight:0.181 Kilograms
  • Item Package Dimension:0.762 cm L X18.288 cm W X21.59 cm H
  • Country Of Origin: China

More excitingly, the blade will trap in noise and vibration. This added advantage is supposed to reduce blade warp.

Every saw owner is afraid of rusting and corrosion. Fortunately, this D0740A features a non-stick perm-shield coating, which will solve your concern.

It would be a mistake if we fail to mention the expansion slots.

Due to the heat buildup, while cutting, the saw blade might expand, leading to inaccurate cuts. The expansion slots are there to avoid such a problem.

On the whole, this Freud model is a wonderful addition to your toolbox.

0.59-inch cut kerf. Limited warranty.
Anti-vibration technology.
Non-stick coating.

2. Twin Town 7 1/4 Inch Saw Blade.

The next candidate is a 7 1/4 inch blade from TWIN-TOWN.

In contrast to the elegant design, this blade is a mighty tool that you will need for woodworking. To be specific, it is made of C4 construction tungsten carbide teeth for ultimate durability.

You will be amazed by the kerf design of this unit.

In particular, the blade features 1.8mm kerf for a fast and smooth cut. Especially, the material waste will be reduced to a minimum.

Isn’t it incredible?

The model is compatible with any circular saw, miter saw, and table saw that have the maximum RPM of 8,300.

Like the Freud D0740A model, this TWIN-TOWN unit is equipped with anti-vibration technology and expansion slots. Both features are supposed to facilitate your projects greatly.

The blade might produce minor tears on the back of the wood while cutting, but you can handle this by some taping.

The ultra-thin kerf of 1.8mm. Cut is comparatively not clean on the back spin
C4 construction tungsten carbide teeth.

3. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Saw Blade.

Can this IRWIN model convince you into a purchase?

A highlight of this unit is the silicone coat, which allows the whole thing to slice through the material effortlessly. Also, it reduces pitch and resin buildup, especially when cutting pressure-treated lumber.

The product comes with 24 teeth, each of which is supported with a unique shoulder design for toughness. What’s more, such a construction allows for consistent chip removal.

1,527 Reviews

Plus, the plate is fully hardened to run truer and avoid warping.

Other features are generally the same as other competitors on the market, including thin kerf, heat vents, construction-grade carbide teeth, etc.

Overall, this blade is ideal for framing, ripping and deck jobs.

Silicone coat. Durability suspected.
Consistent chip removal.
Fully hardened plate.

4. Dewalt Dw3196 Finishing Saw Blade.

You probably have heard of DEWALT at least once. They are immensely popular when it comes to workhorse solutions.

This DEWALT model will not fail your expectations. Let’s see!

The unit features sturdy teeth made of tungsten carbide coupled with specially formulated anti-stick coating. The coat will minimize friction and gum-up for smoother cuts.

DEWALT Circular Saw...
  • Tougher tungsten carbide stays sharper longer
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up for smoother cuts
  • Thin kerf for fast and smooth cutting action
  • Ribbed heat vents allow blade to run cooler, reducing blade flexing and binding
  • Features a 5/8-Inch arbor with diamond knock-out

To boost impact resistance, the carbide tip is equipped with an anti-kickback shoulder. Plus, such a design promises to improve the overall durability of the item.

Most notably, this saw blade comes with a ⅝ inch arbor with the diamond knockout.

We tried using the model to cut 1’’ thick laminate countertops.

Guess what? Its performance was amazing. The saw produced smooth cuts without any jagged areas, chips, or nipped edges.

As you see, these revolutionary blades of DEWALT are ideal for various projects including framing, roofing, and siding installation.

Anti-stick coating. Not suitable with 20V cordless miter saw.
Anti-kickback shoulder design.
Smooth and clean cuts.

5. OVERPEAK 7 1/4 Inch Circular Saw Blade.

Next on the list, we would like to introduce to you a 7 1/4 inch saw blade of OVERPEAK.

It is worth mentioning its high-quality tungsten carbide material. That said, the blade is claimed to have a 5x longer lifespan compared to other competitors.

The tooth formation is ATB (Alternate-Top Bevel), which provides straight and smooth cuts. The workpiece will not need much sanding afterward.

With the number of teeth reaching 60, the blade can slice through several types of material, such as wood, plywood, laminate, etc.

OVERPEAK 7 1/4 Inch...
  • ▲Material - OVERPEAK saw blades made of tougher tungsten carbide for up to 5x longer cutting life than other saw blades
  • ▲Alternate-Top Bevel Teeth - The 7-1/4 inch saw blade with unique tooth design provides straight cuts and cutting smoother
  • ▲Low Noise & Cutting Stable - 3 Laser cut expansion slots ents trap noise and vibration, keeping it cool and reducing blade warp
  • ▲General Usage - The Overpeak 7-1/4 inch carbide blade is 60 tooth and suitable for ripping wood, crosscuts wood, plywood, and laminate
  • ▲Thin kerf - Thin kerf for fast and smooth cutting action and minimum waste. This 7-1/4 saw blade is covered by OVERPEAK 30- DAY Warranty

Additional features include the perma-shield coating, anti-vibration technology, and air vents, all of which makes the blade efficient and durable.

60 strong teeth. Counter-intuitive installation.
5 times longer lifespan.
Versatile applications.

6. Makita A-94530-10 Carbide-Tipped.

Take a look at this 7 1/4 inch circular saw blade from Makita.

You can see that this model’s teeth have an M shape with two cutting points. Therefore, while the cutting speed delivered is of a 24-tooth blade, the whole thing leaves a finish of 48 teeth.

Incredible, right?

According to our experience, the teeth were razor-sharp and capable of cutting pieces of wood effortlessly thanks to dual bevel tooth face. However, we found them slightly weak and prone to damage.

Makita A-94530-10 7-1/4'...
276 Reviews
Makita A-94530-10 7-1/4"...
  • Ultra-coated blades provide reduced pitch build-up
  • M shaped tooth has two cutting points to provide the speed of 24 tooth with the finish of 48 tooth
  • High grade C-3, fine-grain Tungsten carbide tips for longer durability
  • Greater wear area and more cutting tips increase the life up to 2X more than a traditional framing blade
  • Exclusive dual-beveled tooth face has two 10° angles

With high-grade C3 tungsten carbide tips, we expect the blade to be tougher against impacts.

The item features ultra-coated blades for improved resistance against resin buildup. Also, the greater wear area alongside more cutting tips will double the lifespan of the whole blade.

M-shaped and razor-sharp teeth. Weak teeth.
48-tooth blade finish.
Ultra-coated blade.

7. Concord Blades ACB0725T080HP.

You have not found out your favorite saw blade? Do not worry; here is another potential model for you to consider.

This Concord unit promises to boost your cutting performance greatly with 80 ultra-sharp teeth and a thin curb design of 2.4mm.

Also, with the triple grind equipped, you can cut non-ferrous materials (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.) at ease.

It does not stop there!

Achieving quality finishes on every workpiece is no longer a hassle owing to the negative hook angle and a thick plate of this 7 1/4 inch saw blade.

Concord Blades...
  • Tcg grind: triple chip grind allows for smooth cut on non ferrous and plastic items
  • Ultra sharp, hard titanium carbide
  • Ideal for cutting Non ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and more as well as plastics, Plexiglas, PVC, Acrylics & fiberglass
  • Equipment Use with circular saw, miter saw, table saw, radial arm saw, etc.
  • 2.4 mm kerf design, TCG grind & -5Degree hook

We appreciate the versatility of this product as it is compatible with a wide array of saws, not only circular saws but also miter saws, table saws, and many more.

Note that this blade is prone to getting blunt after a while.

We know it is off-putting, but you cannot ask for more in such an affordable model.

80 ultra-sharp teeth. Prone to getting blunt shortly.
Superior finish.
Amazing versatility.

8. Evolution Power Tools 185BLADEST.

If you desire an affordable and durable saw blade, this Evolution model is worth your attention. Let’s see together!

This steel blade is famed for fast and accurate cuts without generating heat. That said, you no longer need to handle smoke or fumes after cutting materials.

Plus, it saves lots of time as you do not have to wait for the metal to cool down like with other saw blades.

Also, the unit is committed to leaving smooth finishes on materials. Sparks and burns are nowhere to be found!

Evolution Power Tools...
3,352 Reviews
Evolution Power Tools...
  • Max RPM 3900
  • 40 Carbide Teeth, .078-Inch Kerf
  • 20mm Arbor Size..-Note: Designed for use with Evolution saws or other low RPM saws.

Last but not least, this mild steel item has another competitive edge over abrasive blades in terms of lifespan. In particular, the Evolution model guarantees to last as long as 20 or more abrasives.

We tried using this blade once. Simply put, our experience was awesome except for a little vibration.

Cool, accurate and safe cuts. A little vibration.
Smooth finishes without sparks and burns.
Long lifespan.

9. Oshlun SBNF-072560 TCG Saw Blade.

Another affordable yet high-quality saw blade! Here is the model of Oshlun.

There are not many differences between this unit and other 7 1/4 inch blades on the market, especially the previous Concord tool.

Oshlun SBNF-072560...
  • Professional Grade C-1 Carbide
  • Negative Hook Angle
  • Triple Chip Tooth Grind
  • Precision Ground Carbide Tips
  • Heat Vents for Cooler Operation

To be specific, the Oshlun boasts a negative hook angle and triple chip tooth grind. As you know, these features provide for superior finishes and fantastic cutting performance.

This saw blade has 60 teeth, each of which is equipped with precision ground carbide tips for added accuracy. Therefore, you are capable of cutting precisely than ever before.

The item can cut non-ferrous materials effortlessly, as long as you use proper clamping devices. We advise you to use coolant while doing the projects.

However, do not attempt to cut ferrous materials using this Oshlun model.

Smooth and quality finishes. Loud operation.
Precision ground carbide tips.
Heat vents featured.

10. BLACK+DECKER Pr824 24T.

To end our list, we would like to introduce you to a brilliant saw blade from BLACK+DECKER, a familiar name in the industry.

The blade measures 7.5 inches in diameter with 24 teeth featuring reinforced shoulder design. Such a construction reduces kick-back and allows truer cuts.

66 Reviews
  • Heat Vents reduce heat for longer life (for applicable blades)
  • Highest Performance blade: longer life, greater durability and truer cuts
  • Reinforced shoulder design reduces kickback (for applicable blades)
  • Expansion slots prevent warping

There are heat vents equipped for reducing heat while cutting. Plus, the expansion slots are there to prevent blade warping.

This model is resharpenable according to the manufacturer.

Overall, this is a wonderful 7 1/4 inch saw blade ideal for a variety of purposes. More excitingly, the unit is reasonably-priced so do not worry about it burning a hole in your wallet.

Smoother and truer cuts. No noticeable cons so far.
Anti-kickback design.
Heat vents and expansion slots.


Thank you for reading.