Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator Review: A Portable Power Partner

You never know when you’re going to need a generator these days, and the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator is one of the many options that stands ready to meet your power needs. But should you really consider this generator over the competition?


In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the Ryobi 6500 unit to help you determine if it will meet your needs.


Getting to Know the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator


Before we dive into the details, let’s introduce the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator. Ryobi may be well-known for other tools like impact wrenches and chainsaws, but they also have some impressive power generators on their hands. Different from previous models like the Ryobi 2300, this generator packs both extra power and an impressive safety feature. So, whether you’re planning for outdoor adventures, preparing for power outages, or tackling work on a job site, this generator aims to be your reliable companion.


Pros of the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator


When it comes to the benefits of this generator, there’s a lot to like. Let’s explore the advantages that set this machine apart.


Carbon Monoxide Detector for Safety


Safety should always be a priority, and the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator takes it seriously. It’s equipped with a carbon monoxide (CO) detector that shuts down the generator automatically when it senses that CO levels are becoming dangerously high. This feature can be a real game-changer, especially when you’re running the generator in enclosed spaces.


A Powerful Generator


If you’re looking for a powerful generator, then this one delivers. It features 8125 watts of inrush current and 6500 running watts, which can meet the needs of both contractors and homeowners.


Solid Build with Easy Handling


The Ryobi 6500 unit boasts a sturdy frame build, ensuring its durability in all kinds of conditions. And not only does the handle fold easily, but you can still access the fuel tank and outlets when it’s tucked away.


Affordable Power with CO Detection


At roughly $899, this generator offers excellent value for its power level. You won’t always find a CO detection feature at this price point, making it a cost-effective choice for safety-conscious users.


Cons of the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator


While the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator has many strengths, there are a few factors to consider.


CO Detector Placement


Where you place your generator matters. For example, if the CO sensor is downwind of the exhaust, then it can occasionally trigger a false positive, which can be annoying. However, this issue tends to be common with CO sensors in general, so we can’t fault the Ryobi 6500 too much here.


Fuel Valve Limitation


While the Ryobi 6500 does feature a convenient Easy Start system, it isn’t without its downsides. When on “Run” mode, the generator’s fuel valve design doesn’t allow you to run the carburetor out of gas. This could be a minor inconvenience for some users.


THD Is Over 5


If you have sensitive electronics that require clean power, this generator might not be the best choice. Its THD is over 5, so you won’t find anything like USB ports on it.


The Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator Is a Solid Choice


In conclusion, the Ryobi 6500 Watt Generator comes with some impressive power and safety features. It’s the carbon monoxide detector that really sets it apart in terms of safety, especially for the price. Plus, if you need it, the 4 x 120V GFCI outlets and 1 x 120/240V outlet provides excellent versatility.


While there are minor considerations to keep in mind, such as the potential for false CO sensor readings and limitations on the fuel valve, the Ryobi 6500 unit remains a versatile and dependable choice for a boost in available power.


So, if you need a reliable portable generator that combines power and safety, then this generator is worth serious consideration. It’s an excellent addition to your power arsenal, ensuring you’re ready for any situation that demands portable power.