Honda EU7000iS Vs EU7000iAT1

Honda EU7000iS vs EU7000iAT1 might prove to be two fierce candidates for you to name the finalist because they bear quite a lot of resemblance.

Both coming from Honda – a credential brand in making power equipment, the Honda EU7000iS and EU7000iAT1 beg the question that “Which one really stands out?” and “How can I tell which one is really worth it?”

That’s why we’re here, about to give you an in-depth comparison, pros, and cons of each product. And now, let’s kick right in!

Differences Between Honda EU7000iS Vs EU7000iAT1

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To begin with, let’s have a quick glimpse of these products!

Both of them might first strike you as rather lofty and smartly colored. They do also share the same wheel kit system and even the same designs.

At this point, you might be mistaking them as a single product. But they’re not. Thus, we’ll give them better judgment in terms of pricing, utilities, and maintenance.


You can often find the price of these Honda generators struck at about $5000 on any commercial platforms, with the EU7000iAT1 costs slightly higher than the other.

Don’t be astonished just yet, because the technologically advanced features of these buddies can explain for their bitter prices.


Featuring the electronic fuel injection, these products have improved every shortcoming of its predecessor – carburetor. This carb is entirely mechanical, which means it can be easily affected by air temperature and elevation, making your generator work badly during rainy days.

Yet with the EFI, your Honda engine would be as tough as boots under any weather conditions; at the same time, it makes sure the oil-gas ratio is apt enough for the operation.

The ECO throttle will even surprise you more. You can feel the RPM go down as soon as big equipment like chimneys or food warmers are switched off. In other words, its feature on fuel economy is just impressive as it enables you to run other devices for a whole day.

Speaking of starting the engine, you may find yourself pushing a single button on both of these generators, rather than pulling the chords, pushing the chokes and getting your hands all dirty. Yet, now with just a single push, you’ll be done.

Also, both of them have got a wheel kit base that allows the users to move them around without any hassles.

The main difference between these generators is that you do get an exclusive remote control when buying the Honda EU7000iAT1. This remote control allows you to adjust the panel without bothering to leave your comfy rocking chair. Isn’t it lovely?


Both of these products come with a three-year commercial/residential warranty from the manufacturer, so don’t forget to take advantage of that!

Quick Rundown Of Honda EU7000iS

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  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Oil alert system shuts down the engine when oil is low
  • Features an electric start push button
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Has two wheels and a handle for storage
  • Has an electric start and a backup pull cord in case the battery is dead


  • Rather expensive
  • Extremely heavy
  • Does not feature a Bluetooth connection for better monitoring
  • Small tank capacity
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Quick Rundown Of Honda EU7000iAT1

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  • Extremely durable
  • Utterly reliable in any weather conditions
  • Can operate a variety of appliances
  • Convenient electric start
  • Can run for at least 6.5 hours on a single tank
  • A lofty 5.1-gallon tank capacity


  • Rather heavy
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Honda EU7000iS vs EU7000iAT1, have you made up your mind yet? Because we have. We would go for Honda EU7000iAT1 for our next camping trip because of its long operating duration and robust yet more lightweight designs. And then, don’t forget to tell us if you’ve made your decision!