ProForm 300i vs ProForm 400i

Further down the page, you’ll find some explanations regarding the key similarities and differences between the ProForm 300i and the ProForm 400i.

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Specs Comparison

Affordable prices and compact designs always make Proform 300i and 400i the best choices for consumers. Going with the Proform 300i can even save you US$ 200!

In the next part, we shall go into detail to review key differences in specification.

Looking at the total weight capacity we see that both machines can hold the max weight up to 300 lbs.

In terms of onboard programs, these two treadmills offer a great variety of preset workout programs. More specifically, Proform 400i offers users up to 50 programs while its rival has only 16 installed programs. These onboard programs target calories burning, speed, and endurance.

The Proform 300i comes with only a 1-ply belt whereas the Proform 400i is furnished with a 2-ply belt. It is undoubted that Proform 400i protects your joint better and operates quieter than the Proform 300i.

Next is the motor size. The Proform 400i is still the winner, featuring 2.5 CHP against the 2.0 CHP motor of Proform 300i. However, both motors deliver the same max speed of up to 10 MPH, which is suitable for walkers.

ProForm 300i Treadmill

Both possess the same incline range of 0-10% and the max speed range of 0-10MPH.

Checking the heart rate monitoring on both treadmills, we can see that both models come with the same EKG handlebar grips.

To enhance comfort level, almost all treadmills are equipped with built-in fans although it is not really necessary. The main reason is that we always place treadmills in air-conditioned rooms. As for the two models, Proform 300i and 400is, the cooling breeze functionality was neglected, which could be a way to reduce the cost.

The final part of the comparison between Proform 300i and 400i will be on the design.

Proform 300i and 400i are slightly different in product dimension and weight. The 300i’s assembled dimensions are 65” L x 29” W x 56” H inches while Proform 400i’s is 73.25” L x 35.5” W x 59.75” H inches. Proform 300i weighs 152 lbs and the Proform 400i’s weight is 200lbs. Their weight and dimensions are very suitable for small spaces and easy storage.

Once folded, Proform 300i’s dimension is 35” L x 29” W x 55” H. The Proform 400i’s is also nearly the same with 39”x35.5”x 65.25”.

ProForm 400i Treadmill

Features Comparison

Adjusting speed and incline as well as selecting programs on Proform 300i and 400i is exactly the same. You will use the + / – button to adjust the speed and arrow keys for inclinations. The console of two models has two rows with the number labeled from 1-10 aiming to select the speed and incline level you want.

In their center console are buttons to select work-out program categories, for example, weight, interval training, tempo work-out, and manual control. In each program, it is possible to adjust to your desired speed and incline range.

Although the console design of the two models is quite different, the way to control speed, incline, and program are exactly the same.

In terms of the console display, Proform 300i features a 6″ LCD display. It shows work-out stats like distance, time, calories burned, and pulse. Besides, it also tells you the belt speed and current incline. In contrast, the console of Proform 400i is more prominent with the icon of iFit and Bluetooth. It also features an LED-type display. Furthermore, it also indicates watts, pace, calories, distance, time, and current incline, and speed levels.

Both models are well-equipped with built-in speakers. Unfortunately, volume controls are only available on the Proform 400i whereas you need to adjust the volume through your devices on the Proform 300i.

One more convenient feature is their Bluetooth and iFit connectivity. Both treadmills can directly transmit workout stats to your iFit account. The iFit Coach automatically controls your incline and speed, matching the terrain wherever you go.

Finally, both models provide tablet holders and water bottle holders.

Product warranty is certainly an important factor. Going with 400i, we will get lifetime coverage on the frame and 25 years on the motor. In addition, you would have 1 year on parts and labor.

Warranty for 300i is much shorter, with 5 years on frame and motor and 90-days coverage for other parts.

Quick Rundown Of ProForm 300i

ProForm 300i Treadmill
  • Discover Trainer-Led Workouts at Home; A 30-day iFit trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions, on-demand studio & global workouts, and connected fitness tracking in your home
  • Large LCD Display; Track distance, cadence, and estimated calorie burn; Stream interactive iFit workouts to your own tablet or smartphone to stay engaged and motivated as you train
  • 10 MPH Digital QuickSpeed Controls; 10% Digital Quick Incline Controls; Adjust your speed and incline with the touch of a button or let your iFit Trainers auto-adjust your treadmill as you run
  • 16” x 50” Belt; Recommended for runners under 6-feet tall; ProShox cushioning for a more comfortable workout; Folding SpaceSaver design for compact storage; Auxiliary port with dual 2” speakers
  • 300-pound user weight capacity; Protected with a 5-year frame warranty and a 90-day parts & labor warranty; 59” H x 29” W x 55” L
[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Solid treadmill.
Very affordable price.
Easy to assemble; foldable.
Great quality for walking. [/i2pros][i2cons]Quite loud once in operation.
Short track belt. [/i2cons][/i2pc]
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Quick Rundown Of ProForm 400i

ProForm 400i Treadmill
  • 25 chp Mach Z motor, 20 x 55 tread belt, proshox cushioning, space saver design
  • 18 workout Apps, grip Pulse EKG heart RATE monitor, coolaire workout Fan, 300 lb Weight capacity. 19 inch length
  • Compatible music port for IPod, IPod is a trademark of Apple, inc, registered in the US And other countries; IPod not included
  • The ProForm performance 400 Treadmill is protected with a Lifetime frame Warranty, 25-year motor Warranty and 1-Year parts and Labor Warranty
[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Easy to assemble.
Very good price and quality.
Sturdy machine.
Quiet and smooth operation.[/i2pros][i2cons]Weak Bluetooth connectivity.
Inaccurate built-in heart rate monitor.
Bluetooth is available to sync only with the iFit trainer. [/i2cons][/i2pc]
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Through the comprehensive comparison between Proform 300i vs 400i, it is easy to realize that Proform 400i has updated features, which are more convenient for users. In our point of view, we would pay an additional US$ 200 for upgraded values.